Gantry5 Update

Importante mise à jour pour Gantry 5.

Outre quelques corrections de bug, les traductions des mois sont maintenant prises en compte pour les particules "date" et "joomla articles".

Pour ma part sur cette version et contrairement aux autres versions, la mise à jour automatique via le composant dédié de Joomla n'est pas prise en compte. J'ai du faire une installation manuelle de cette mise à jour

Version 5.4.13 changelog complet en anglais

Date : 06/06/2017

  1. Common
      • Updated Lightcase to v2.4.0
      • If debug mode is enabled, add HTML comments to recognize particles and positions (#639)
      • Menu particle: Add aria-label for icon-only menu items for better accessibility support (#1888)
      • Fixed bug with enabled field when editing disabled particle in the layout (#1571)
      • Helium: Add missing System Messages particle to Default and Offline layouts (#1962)
  2. Joomla
      • Use the new package uninstall protection feature in Joomla 3.7
      • Embedded System - Gantry 5 settings into the component settings (#2010)
      • Fixed issue with Regular Labs Cache Cleaner (#1833)
      • Fixed issue with Hydrogen textarea (#1973)
      • Fixed some caching issues when changing between Production and Development modes
      • Fixed untranslated month names in particles (#1322)
      • Fixed |number_format twig filter to use the current locale
  3. WordPress
      • Updated Timber to v1.3.1
      • Fixed checkboxes next to the setting enablers in Content tab getting unchecked after refresh (#1986)
      • Fixed Missing argument 2 for modify_gantry5_locale()
      • Fixed external scripts and CSS with query parameters being broken (#1975)
  4. Grav
      • Fixed CSS/JS pipelines, though you need to set js_minify: false to keep the menu working (#2001)
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