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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry

Joomla! news - Informations

General Information Joomla!, Updates, security alerts and more if nécessary

  • Update to Joomla! 3.8

    Joomla 3.8

    No problem for update to Joomla! 3.8 for and websites

    It seems that we should wait for the ...

  • New Gantry 5 Hydrogen demonstration website

    Demo website Gantry 5 Hydrogen

    After the site En Toutes Lettres, the Gantry 5 demonstration site, Hydrogen template, dedicated mainly to the particles developed by En Toutes Lettres, but also to variations around the Hydrogen template, made new

  • Gantry 5.4.17 - Release

    Gantry 5

    Minor release for Gantry 5. jQuery conflict correction in Helium template.

    Some improvements and bug fixes

  • Your site in https, the map no longer appears with GmapFP with the free version


    If you have redirect your website from http to https (via an SSL certificate) and you use the free version of GmapFP,  your map no longer appears in your website (http / https conflict).


  • JA Simpli 1.0.1, first update of the last free template from JoomlArt

    Template Simpli

    First update of JA SIMPLI, the Joomlart unofficial default Joomla! template!

    Released for Joomla 3.7.3 compatibily (11 Aug, 2017) - correction details :

  • PHP 7 required for future version Joomla! 4

    Joomla php 7 requirement

    The Joomla! 4.0 version is planned for 2018. The Joomla team says that future versions of Joomla will require PHP 7.

    An important thing to remember is that Joomla! 3.9, our last scheduled 3.x release, will be

  • Gantry 5.4.15 / 5.4.16 - Release

    Gantry 5

    Mise à jour pour Gantry 5.

    Some improvements and bug fixes
    Added AJAX support for particles. Helium/Hydrogen: added missing styling for disabled button state
    For the 5.4.16 just a layout correction that I

  • En Toutes Lettres - New website

    En toutes lettres - nouveau site

    As promised, the En Toutes Lettres website has been updated.

    The first news is the gradual abandonment of the part "Public Writer", Isabelle reserving for a whole new activity "Chief Cook", a return to the sources of

  • Gantry 5.4.14 - update

    Gantry 5

    Mise à jour pour Gantry 5.

    Quelques améliorations et corrections de bug, pas de réelle nouveauté.
    Ajout d'un nouveau format de date pour la particule Joomla Articles: Month Day, Year !Pas trop interssant

  • Gantry 5.4.13 - Important release

    Gantry 5

    Important update for Gantry 5.

    Outre quelques corrections de bug, les traductions des mois sont maintenant prises en compte pour les paricules "date" et "joomla articles".

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