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Gantry 5

Mise à jour importante de Gantry 5 comprenant le nouveau système d’héritage (inheritance). Il est maintenant possible, à partir d'un outline, de copier les paramètres individuels des sections et des particules et de décider quoi utiliser spécifiquement (attributs, enfants, blocs).

gantry5 inheritance

Une fois une Section ou des Particules fixés comme Inherit, toute modification appliquée au parent Section / particule reflétera automatiquement à celui qui hérite.

Je vous conseille de lire ce petit article en anglais mais avec des vidéos pour comprendre son utilisation et les avantages de la fonction.

Gantry 5 version 5.3.0

08/07/2016 - Changelog en anglais

  1. Common
      • Inheritance: It is now possible to have individual Sections and Particles to Inherit from a different Outline and to decide what to Inherit specifically (attributes, children, blocks). Once a Section or Particle have been set to Inherit, any change applied to the parent Section / Particle will automatically reflect to the inheriting one (#50, #303, #340, #361, #575, #1018, #1213, #1312)
      • Added support for DebugBar (#386)
      • Removed outdated LESS compiler (see #273)
      • Updated SCSS compiler to support version 3.4 (#1117)
      • Updated Bourbon SCSS library to v4.2.7
      • New input.multicheckbox field. Takes options like a select and renders as a list of checkboxes
      • New input.radios field. Allows to create a list of radio selectors. options entry should be of kind key/value
      • Added possibility to place <svg> code directly inside the Logo particle
      • Creating New Outlines will now offer to either load based off of Presets or existing Outlines. When selecting existing Outlines you can now decide whether you want to Inherit or not (#1386)
      • Added priority field for CSS/JS Assets and Atom (#1321)
      • Hide Particle Defaults tab from everywhere else but in Base Outline
      • Do not display Atoms in Particle Defaults
      • Display only shared particle settings in Particle Defaults
      • Tweaked text contrast across the Admin UI (#1326)
      • Sections Layout Inherit option is now renamed to Inherit from Page Settings (#1349)
      • Assignments cards have now maximum height declared for better presentation and readability
      • Removed rename capability from Base Outline (#1350)
      • Do not close the Atoms modal when clicking on the overlay, in order to prevent accidental loss of changes.
      • When deleting an Outline it will now highlight the title of the Outline in question
      • Make configration overrides persistent, meaning that the value will stay checked even if the value is identical to the global value (#1346)
      • Improved block sizes compatibility with IE10 and IE11 (thanks @Rdechamps - #1407)
      • Fixed disabled particle rendering in menu item (thanks @nikola3244 - #1313)
      • Fixed typos in tooltips and notices (#1318)
      • Fixed issue with Icons Picker Select button no properly re-enabling when only switching dropdown (#1290)
      • Fixed potential JavaScript error on frontend when the Menu particle was disabled
      • Fixed Preset Match (star) being applied only in Base but not in the rest of the Outlines
      • Fixed issue in parent themes streams initialization (thanks @nikola3244 - #251, #1325)
      • Fixed Document::urlFilter handling URLs inside <pre> and <code> tags (#1328)
      • Fixed collection.list inside container.set not working (#1333)
      • Removed Nucleus CSS rule .g-block.visible-desktop {} that was overriding the media queries (#1344)
      • Layout Manager will now prevent clearing single empty rows upon save (#1368)
      • Font Picker: Fixed potential conflict issue when a Local and a Remote fonts were matching name
      • Fixed minor issue that would cause the flickering of the Layout while scrolling, when the Layout was shorter than the Sidebar (#1378)
      • Section titles in the Layout Manager that don't fit are now collapsing with ellipsis and a title (#1392)
      • Fixed missing configuration when duplicating system outlines
      • Fixed issues with single select field with multiple values (#1402)
      • Fixed select.select with multiple option enabled, storing only the first selected option rather than all (#1402)
      • Fixed DOM parser issue with HTML tags when adding inline JS/CSS (#1359)
      • Fixed issue with anchors and Offcanvas not resetting the overlay in IE and Firefox (#1399)
  2. Joomla
      • Enable Layout tab for Base Outline
      • Hydrogen for Joomla loads now optional alert assets from Nucleus to fix potential styling issues
      • Gantry 5 Particle now displays, as a tooltip, the Particle type in the lists of modules when hovering over the badge (#1373)
      • Gantry 5 Particle badge for unselected Particles is now orange, to distinct from the selected ones (green)
      • Added warning message to particle module when there is no default template set (#1316)
      • Fixed issue with Link Title Attribute menu setting in Joomla, where the value would be translated as subtitle in Gantry, rather than title="" attribute (#1176)
      • Fixed untranslated 404 page title (#1001)
      • Fixed wrong title in newly created outline
      • Fixed content array particle: alias in link duplicating (#1400)
      • Fixed particle module not caching Javascript / CSS (#977)
      • Fixed exception thrown in administration if parent theme was not enabled in Joomla
  3. WordPress
      • Extend Assignments with multiple BuddyPress conditionals. This requires BuddyPress 2.6 and newer (thanks @horch004 - #1298)
      • Extend Assignments with possibility to assign outline to all posts or archive page of custom post type (thanks @horch004 - #1298)
      • Gantry 5 Particle Widget is now compatible with WordPress Customizer and will live-refresh on change (#869)
      • Add support for Widgets with checkboxes that use the trick of hidden/checkbox fields with the same name (#1014)
      • Fixed post type priority not being used in assignments (#1340)
      • Fixed menu particle missing Expand on Hover option (#1360)
      • Fixed Admin incompatibility with Jetpack (#1184)
      • Fixed updating plugins causing endless maintenance mode when display_errors = On (#1271)
      • Fixed missing layout denying access to admin (#1319)
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