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Gantry 5

Version 5.4.0
Mise à jour 13 décembre2016

Mise à jour importante. Grav est maintenant intégré à Gantry 5

Gantry 5 version 5.4.0

 13/12/2016 - Changelog en anglais

  1. Common
      • Added Lightbox support by creating Lightcase Atom. By default this feature can be used by adding data-rel="lightcase" into the link
      • Start using more strict YAML syntax (compatible to future version of YAML compiler)
      • Removed hack to manipulate URL and inject default page and nonce in Grav and Wordpress
      • Fixed broken responsive support classes (#1705)
      • Fixed known PHP 7.1 issues
      • Ignore broken Gantry 5 themes instead of throwing exception
  2. Grav
      • Grav is now integrated with Gantry 5!
  3. Joomla
      • Resolve all stream URI links in Joomla page
      • Improved outline assignments logic
      • Fixed error outline rendering modules which were assigned to menu items (#1732)
  4. WordPress
      • Fixed broken link from Gantry admin to plugin settings
      • Fixed outline duplication copying assignments (#1719)
      • Fixed widgets and particles not showing up in menu (#1715)
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