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Gantry 5

Version 5.4.6
Mise à jour 26 janvier 2017

Le nombre de mise à jour s'accélère

Focus sur l'aide dans la gestion des fichiers custom.scss pouvant être gérés directement via une particule ou un atom c'est à dire à la page.

Gantry 5 version 5.4.6

 26/01/2017 - Changelog en anglais

  1. Common
      • Allow custom SCSS files to be inserted from particles and atoms by <link rel="stylesheet" href="/particle.scss" />
      • Add support to refer JS/CSS files without using url() function in twig files (streams are handled internally)
      • Allow custom SCSS files to be inserted from both Page Settings / Assets / CSS and Assets Atom (#215, #424, #1692)
      • Add support for {% pageblock bottom %}...{% endpageblock %} to add HTML into the page (#1161)
        • where first parameter is one of: body_top | top | bottom | body_bottom
        • supports also with { priority: n } to set the priority for the block (recommended range 10 ... -10)
      • Menu items in frontend now render icons with aria-hidden="true" for accessibility (#1629)
      • Helium: Content Cubes particle uses now linear gradient made out of Accent Color 1 and 2 for its background (#1809)
      • Fixed a bug in |html filter
      • Fixed wrong ordering of custom CSS/JS assets
      • Fixed nested field selector in collection.list loosing its value when you edit all items (#1817)
      • Helium: Updated OwlCarousel, fixed a bug when OwlCarousel disappeared when only 1 item was set (#1801)
      • Helium: Fix logo image overlapping hamburger menu icon in mobile view (#1691)
      • Hydrogen: Fixed menu dropdowns items aligned to left when in RTL mode (#1753)
      • Fixed extended menu items starting from 3rd level and below not expanding vertically as expected (#1778)
      • Fixed search icon misalignment in Particles/Modules/Widgets pickers (#1827)
  2. Joomla
      • Allow previously hardcoded module and component wrappers to be overridden
      • Administrator: Add submenu to access both Available Themes and Default Theme (#1764)
      • Hide theme prefix from Outline names (#1724)
      • Fixed all <script> tags being corrupted in some Windows installs due to broken uniqid() function
      • Fixed country code on HTML tag being in lower case, enabling translations in Snipcart (#1822)
  3. WordPress
      • Changed priority of Front Page and Home Page assignments to be higher than the rest of the group (#1762)
      • Fixed occasional Undefined index: object_id when trying to save menu with a separator (#1819)
      • Hydrogen: Fix pagination styling in mobile view (#1563)
      • Hydrogen / Helium: Fixed deleted or renamed Home outline reverting back (#1785)
        • For existing sites please see Issue 1785 to fix the issue
  4. Grav
      • Added support for Maintenance plugin
      • Added particle for LangSwitcher plugin
      • Added particle for Feed plugin
      • Rename Appearance to Gantry 5 as it seems to be less confusing for most users
      • Display changes indicator when in the Positions Manager and changes happen (#1741)
      • Fixed particles inside positions having extra margin and padding (g-content class)
      • Fixed menu rendering issues in multi-language sites
      • Fixed login particle
      • Fixed login in offline mode accepting invalid credentials (#1808)
      • Fixed Positions Add button (#1803)
      • Fixed misaligned style for key/value field (#1789)
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