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Gantry 5

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Version 5.1.1
Mise à jour 28 aout 2015


28/08/2015 - Changelog en Anglais

  1. Common
      • Layout Manager: Add block settings for nested sections (#539)
      • Layout Manager: Add support for fixed width sections (#115)
      • Custom JS/CSS Particle supports now inline CSS
      • Process shortcodes in custom HTML particle (#369)
      • New Twig extension and filter : json_decode
      • Dramatically improved the click/touch response in the whole Admin and G5 Particle Module (fixes #551)
      • WAI-ARIA: Thanks to @Mediaversal a lot of Admin work has been done for accessibility (#754 - ref. #713)
      • Catch and display warnings from SCSS compiler (#705)
      • Dropdowns / Tags fields have been improved for tab stop, it is now easier to navigate through fields via keyboard (partly #713 related)
      • Enable twig debug extension if Gantry debug has been turned on
      • Implemented validation for the Block Size of a Particle Block (#539)
      • Add HTML body class for used layout preset (#750)
      • ToTop Particle allows HTML again in the content field (#720, #721)
      • Fixed issue in Selectize preventing the dropdown to close when loosing focus in non-IE browsers
      • Avoid race conditions when compiling CSS by compiling each file only once (#516)
      • Load default configuration values from Blueprints (#117, #154)
      • Outline Styles: Overriding only some colors in a card may result unexpected values in the others (#536)
      • It is now possible to override the 'enabled' state of a Particle (green / red toggle), when the override is disable, Base will be inherited (#615)
      • Assets particle: Save CSS and JS files into custom/ directory of the theme instead of custom/images/ (#734)
  2. Joomla
      • Use cleaner formatting in templateDetails.xml for positions
      • Make Debug module position fixed to the bottom of every layout (#715)
      • Fixed blocks using bootstrap responsive utility classes displaying improperly (#722)
      • Gantry update message is showing up even when there is no update (#631)
      • Module positions not showing up after installing/updating theme (#212)
      • Missing padding in modal windows of 3rd party components (#746)
  3. WordPress
      • Add Platform Settings into Extras menu
      • Add support for Offline mode (#759)
      • Make Timber functions to work from particles
      • Admin language will fallback to en_US if the locale based .mo couldn't be loaded (#719)
      • Extra location of the plugin translation .mo file changed to the default value WP_LANG_DIR/plugins/ (#719)
      • Fix fatal error in PHP 5.2: while unsupported, it should still fail gracefully
      • Uninstall is leaving behind cache files and options (#659)
      • Move blueprints for content into its proper location
      • Fixed the styling for the Gantry 5 settings page
      • Fatal error when editing menu item name in the editor (#752)
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