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Création de sites internet - Méthodologie
Functional specification and graphic model

This step is the preliminary and most important step in your project. It is your responsibility to a large extent.

You have to define your own specifications that logically takes the following steps :

  • Pricing, Delay
  • Site name and hosting,
  • Language(s),
  • Your goals: Generate leads, sell, inform, create a brand image, etc.,
  • Your tree: The tree represents the hierarchical structure of the project pages,
  • The target audience, user flow: Users ' paths can be used to model scenarios and different usage contexts,
  • Your zoning: It defines the large areas of each page, the most important being the home page,
  • The content: resources provided, digital support (text, database, images, illustrations, photos, etc.), paper support (brochures, company journals, photos, letterhead, logo, etc.),
  • Web design: You have the first ideas, put them down. Existing websites can also help you. We define together the graphic model of your site (logo, colors, etc.) in order to give credibility to your company.

We are of course at your disposal for any questions related to the establishment of your specifications.

After receiving the specifications, we provide you with a functional specification document. It is a document confirming or declining the feasibility of the project. It must come before the commercial offer. It will be charged if the commercial offer is accepted.

Delay : 0,5 to 3 days
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