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Gantry 5

Version 5.4.3
Mise à jour 13 janvier 2017

3 mises à jour en 1 mois principalement du à l'intégration de Grav.

Attention, depuis la mise à jour Gantry 5.4.1 vous devez recompiler votre CSS , vous pouvez constater que les classes d’utilitaires (par exemple « visible-phone » etc.) ne fonctionnent pas comme prévu.

Gantry 5 version 5.4.3

 13/01/2017 - Changelog en anglais

  1. Common
      • Add particle caching when in production mode making a noticeable speed increase on particle heavy pages. Installed Gantry 5 themes should to be updated to a version which supports particle caching.
      • Fixed $1 and \\1 being lost inside <pre> and <code> blocks (#1782)
      • Admin: Fixed Back to Setup button not working after page reload
  2. Joomla
      • Fixed loading template styles preg_replace(): Compilation failed error (#1769)
      • Fixed blank page when rendering ACL rules in frontend Joomla forms (#1767, #1775)
      • Worked around Joomla rendering issue on duplicate module positions and modules (#1721)
      • Fixed PHP 5.3 incompatibility in System - Gantry 5 plugin (crashes Joomla admin!)
  3. WordPress
      • Improved title styling for Login Form particle (#1774, thanks @adi8i
  4. Grav
      • Fixed missing particle type in position page when hovering over particle (#1771)
      • Fixed home assignment bug (#1773)
      • Fixed engine page types missing when creating a new page (#1749)
      • Added particle for Breadcrumbs plugin (#1786)
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