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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
Demo website Gantry 5 Hydrogen

After the site En Toutes Lettres, the Gantry 5 demonstration site, Hydrogen template, dedicated mainly to the particles developed by En Toutes Lettres, but also to variations around the Hydrogen template, made new skin.

For reasons of clarity and maintenance, the site is now managed only with the Hydrogen template, so the demonstrations of the other templates have been removed.

Particular attention has been paid to the En Toutes Lettres particle demonstrations, each particle having undergone a facelift and an update.

Coupled with the new multilingual website "En Tous Lettres", this new work tool will provide more clarity and understanding in the future in the use of Gantry 5.

Each particle that I present to you has a French version and an English version. The internal particle engine (Twig file, SCSS and Javascript) is identical for both languages. Only the interface (Yalm file) has been configured for each language. I present the 4 particles for which I have brought special care and which are downloadable in the dedicated space.

If you work with the Hydrogen template, these particles install themselves as a classic Joomla component! (file type). If you use another template Gantry 5 Joomla! or Gantry 5 in Wordpress or Grav using the Twig files, you must do a manual installation of the particle after decompressing the initial file.

Image grid
version 2.0
The En Toutes Lettres Image Grid particle gives you the ability to quickly set up a clean, organized grid of images. A lot of options are available including usage of RokBox or Lightcase.
Changelog - version 2.0
    • Choice of "RokBox" or "Lightcase" popup system"
    • Adding a new style, Style 4 opacity
    • Options, choice of padding (space between each image)
    • Options, choice of image Border Radius
    • Images, Title and Subtitle
    • Images, choice between opening in Popup or to a link
    • Class CSS responsive
    • Class imagegrid-firstlarge et imagegrid-lastlarge
Version 1.1
The Newsletter - Acymailing particle gives you the ability to quickly display an Acymailing Newsletter subscription module on your website.
Changelog - version 1.1
    • Added 2 new styles, Email Compact and Email Compact icon
    • Modify InputBox text color in form (if needed). You can choose Default (no modification), Clear (lighten black, template clear) or Dark (lighten white, template dark). Usefull in Dark module Style Email compact icon
    • Define Form and Button border radius. You can choose, None (no border radius), Default (define by the template) or 1 rem (not used in Email compact style)
Owl carousel
version 2.1
The Owl Carousel particle is a simple and elegant particle, based on the open source project of the same name by Bartosz Wojciechowski, that displays featured information in a modern slider.
Changelog - version 2.1
    • SCSS file modification - Specific for Hydrogen template
Animated Background FSS (Flat Surface Shader)
version 1.1
Flat Surface Shader (FSS) animated background is written in JavaScript by Matthew Wagerfield and Tobias van Schneider for rendering lit Triangles to a number of contexts. Basically, this tool takes geometry, light and triangles and turns it into something fun, exciting and beautiful that everyone can use.
Changelog - version 1.1
    • Option Canvas height: in some case, full render, you have to fix heght of canvas to 100%

Use the forum for any questions or improvement you want to bring about my work.

Other particles are being prepared as an advanced version of Owl carousel, galleries of images or particles dedicated to restoration (menu, reservation). One must remain zen at this level. It is often more wise to use a dedicated component than to create a gas plant at the level of the particles.

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