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Gantry 5

New Gantry 5.4.24 release July 4, 2018. It was more than 5 months since the last release of the Gantry team was published.

News about Gantry updates since version 5.4.18 .

5.4.19 - October 18 2017

Nothing interesting for simple users. Corrections Wordpress et Grav

5.4.20 - November 12 2017

Major release of Gantry 5.

Gantry 5 is now fully compatible Joomla 3.8. The update was done without worries but the installation on a Joomla 3.8 posed problem with the version 5.4.17.

The novelty is the addition of responsive fonts "mixin". These fonts were already integrated in the latest RocketTheme templates. They are now part of "core" of Gantry.

The use of these fonts is visible with the unit vh.

5.4.21 / 5.4.22 - 5.4.23  (December 12 2017 - february 20 2018)

Corrections for PHP and other bugs - Grav fixes


Important Gantry update.

Update Lighcase (for popup) v2.4.4.

Update OwlCarousel version v2.3.4. Update of the free Helium template that also uses OwlCarousel in its particles.

Added  head_top, head_meta and head_bottom option  pageblock of twig tag allowing particles to inject custom tags into.

{% pageblock head_top %}
    -HEAD TOP-
{% endpageblock %}
{% pageblock head_bottom %}
{% endpageblock %}




07/04/2018 - Changelog

  1. Common
      • Updated Lightcase to v2.4.4 (#2205)
      • Helium: Updated OwlCarousel to v2.3.4
      • Added head_top, head_meta and head_bottom options for pageblock twig tag allowing particles to inject custom tags into (#2303)
      • Helium: Reworked parts of the OwlCarousel SCSS theme styling
      • Helium: Add possibility to add CSS Classes to individual OwlCarousel items (#2201)
      • Helium: Add possibility to disable single OwlCarousel item on the front end (#2286)
      • Fixed Lightcase hardcoded values for maxWidth and maxHeight (#2182)
      • Updated Lightcase default values for video width and height to 1280x720 (#2182)
      • Fixed Content Array particle having extra override checkbox on admin (#2307)
      • Fixed issue where clearing inheritance was throwing array_intersect_key(): Argument #1 is not an array error (#2257)
  2. Joomla
      • Implemented |markdown filter for Twig (#2297)
      • Fixed The menu selected is empty in Gantry 5 Menu Editor if there is no default menu item (#2320)
  3. WordPress
      • Implemented |markdown filter for Twig (#2297)
      • Updated Timber to v1.7.1
      • Fixed broken SCSS map files (#2243)
  4. Grav
      • Fixed Grav duplicating pages and causing fatal errors when saving the menu (#2070)
      • Added detection for duplicate page folders before saving menu and instruct user to fix the issue in his filesystem
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