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Version : 3.1
Owl Carousel

v1.0 Stable MIT Licence
Last update:
February 05, 2020
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Owl carousel

The Owl Carousel particle is a simple and elegant particle, based on the open source project of the same name by Bartosz Wojciechowski, that displays featured information in a modern slider.
This particle is available in free RocketTheme template Helium. I created a small package for this particle with a small modification at the css level to adapt it to the template Hydrogen.

For Gantry 5, template Hydrogen.

For other templates, unzip the file and do a manual installation

Don't forget to add these 2 lines

@import 'dependencies';

@import 'etl_owlcarousel';

in your custom.scss (/templates/g5_hydrogen/custom/scss/custom.scss)

or create this file and insert these 2 lines with the help of your text editor (/templates/g5_hydrogen/custom/scss/custom.scss)

See Demo

Changelog - version 3.1
    • File etl_owlcarousel-en.scss renamed etl_owlcarousel.scss
Changelog - version 3.0
    • update Owl Carousel Javascript v2.3.4
Changelog - version 2.1
    • SCSS file modification - Specific for Hydrogen template
Changelog - version 2.0
    • Owl Carousel Javascript v2.2.1
Changelog - version 1.0
    • Initial release

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v3.1 Stable License MIT
Last update:
March 13, 2021
The particles in English or in French are technically identical: Only the interface of the particle need to be translated (yalm file). The twig and scss files are similar.
Under construction
Manual installation
Gantry 5Joomla
  • UNZIP the file on your computer.
  • You will find some directories (particles, scss, js, images)
  • Copy the directories (including files) to root/templates/TEMPLATE_DIR/custom/ via your FTP client (like FileZilla)

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