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  • Version : 1.0
Restaurant Booking

v1.0 Stable MIT Licence
Last update:
March 13, 2021
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Rest booking

The Restaurant Booking particle allows you to manage your online reservations. It is dedicated to restaurants but can be used for many other sectors of activity. This particle uses a platform dedicated to forms, Simple Form, which makes the interface between your site and your mail. Simple Form fits easily into Gantry 5 particles.
This particle follows the general principle of the "Booking Form" particle of RocketTheme presented with the Sienna template.

For Gantry 5, template Hydrogen.

For other templates, unzip the file and do a manual installation

Don't forget to add these 2 lines

@import 'dependencies';

@import 'etl_restobooking';

in your custom.scss (/templates/g5_hydrogen/custom/scss/custom.scss)

or create this file and insert these 2 lines with the help of your text editor (/templates/g5_hydrogen/custom/scss/custom.scss)

See Demo

Initial release

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v1.01 Licence MIT
Last update:
March 13, 2021

The particles in English or in French are technically identical: Only the interface of the particle need to be translated (yalm file). The twig and scss files are similar.

Changelog - version 1.01
    • Files etl_restobooking-fr.scss renamed etl_restobooking.scss, etl_restobooking-fr.html.twig renamed etl_restobooking.html.twig, etl_restobooking-fr.yaml renamed etl_restobooking.yaml

Simple Form usage

simpleform1On the Simple Form site, you enter your email address to receive a code called token. Warning This email address is the one to which all requests via the form will be sent.

You will quickly receive an email with 3 important informations

  • Your Token (a series of numbers and letters of more than 30 characters) you will enter in a field of the particle
  • 1 link to personalize the email received with each use of the form We will see below an example of customization but the default form remains readable.
  • 1 link to see all the messages received with each use of the form You know that it exists but his usage is not necessary since you find all informations of reservation on your mail.
Under construction
Manual installation
Gantry 5Joomla
  • UNZIP the file on your computer.
  • You will find some directories (particles, scss, js, images)
  • Copy the directories (including files) to root/templates/TEMPLATE_DIR/custom/ via your FTP client (like FileZilla)

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