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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
Gantry 5

Mise à jour pour Gantry 5.

Quelques améliorations et corrections de bug, pas de réelle nouveauté.
Ajout d'un nouveau format de date pour la particule Joomla Articles: Month Day, Year !Pas trop interssant pour les francophones

La mise à jour automatique via le composant dédié de Joomla est de retour. Les mystères de l'informatique

Version 5.4.14 changelog complet en anglais

Date : 07/06/2017

  1. Common
      • Accessibility: Menu / Offcanvas: Offcanvas and hamburger toggle menu are now ARIA compatible (#1891)
      • Filepicker Field: File listing mode (thumbnails/list) is now remembered and restored (#1697)
      • Filepicker Field: UI updates, container is now more spacious and in list view the thumbnails are visible
      • Date and Joomla Articles/WordPress Posts/Grav Content particles: Added new date format: Month Day, Year (#2042)
      • Menu: Disable Dropdowns still Shows Indicator (#2031)
      • Menu: Fixed frontend menu 'Extended' option, resetting heights of wrapping containers not necessarily related to the menu itself (#2025)
      • Menu / Offcanvas: Fixed issue preventing the offcanvas toggle to show when Menu set with only icons (#1939)
      • Menu: Fixed issue with touch devices where ending the scroll gesture on the offcanvas menu would trigger the expansion of a parent menu item (#1620)
      • Fixed Tag Attributes 'enter' key causing the value to get lost while triggering the Apply (#1860)
      • Filepicker: Fixed issue with upper case extensions not getting recognized and failing to upload (#1852)
  2. WordPress
      • Updated Timber to v1.3.3
  3. Grav
      • Fixed Particles Picker not adapting to height and scroll position in Layout Manager (#1942)
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