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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
En toutes lettres - nouveau site

As promised, the En Toutes Lettres website has been updated.

The first news is the gradual abandonment of the part "Public Writer", Isabelle reserving for a whole new activity "Chief Cook", a return to the sources of which I will soon give you news.

I give you below the great novelties of this new version:

1) Gantry 5 - template RT Kraken

The site has therefore migrated under Gantry 5 with the Kraken template from RocketTheme to which I added some sensible particles as an override contentarray particle for joomla articles or particle Flat Surface Shader (FSS) Which I propose for download

2) Multi-language French and English

My other activity as project manager in an international company allows me to offer my services in the language of Shakespeare

3) Kunena forum

Replacing the Muut Forum. Dedicated mainly to the offer "En Toutes Lettre" and questions about Gantry 5 and the particles that I propose. But I remain open to any questions if I can help the community.

4) I kept the akeeba ticket component for advanced management of client projects (ACL-managed proposal)

5) Content

Restructuring and full updating of content. Using Joomla fields for better information

The site is in running-in. You can use the forum if you notice some oversights or bug.

The next job will be on the Gantry 5 demonstration website that needs thorough cleaning.

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En Toutes Lettres is a french company but have no border. We are always present for additional information :

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En toutes lettres
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