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Gantry 5

Some news about Gantry 5 !

A Gantry 5.4.28 release was out on  March 11 2019. The latest update is December 12 2018.

Nothing special, but Gantry 5, always love it. It is so usufull for customization (development of dedicated particles :=)

They are on the road of Gantry version 5.5 compatible Joomla 4 - Thanks for developper

There's no existing build for 5.5 yet.: Version 5.5 minimum requirement could be:

  1. Common
      • Updated minimum requirement to PHP 5.5.9
  2. Joomla
      • Updated minimum requirement to Joomla! 3.8
  3. WordPress
      • Updated minimum requirement to WordPress 4.9
  4. Grav
      • Updated minimum requirement to Grav 1.5 and Admin 1.8


What's misssing with Gantry is really "online particle editor".

With current version, because particles are managed as modules, you need administration access to manage them. Not good for customer.

Some new about Gantry release since my last article, Gantry 5.4.24 (release July 2018)


version 5.4.25 - October 9th 2018

Twig update. More for particle developper.

Joomla focus:

Particle "Joomla articles" (contentarray) : New option. This allows to use the Joomla Articles Particle in conjunction with Joomlas Content Plugins. Defaults to not use Content Plugins to be backward compatible.

Complete Changelog 

  1. Common
      • Added twig tag {% throw 404 'Not Found' %} with user selected error code and message
      • Added twig tag {% markdown %}...{% endmarkdown %}
      • Added twig tag {% switch type %}{% case 'foo' %}...{% default %}...{% endswitch %}
      • Added twig filter |nicetime for 'n days ago' etc
      • Made gantry twig variable global so it can be used inside macros
      • Updated deprecated Twig code so it works in both in Twig 1.34+ and Twig 2.4+
      • Added twig/yaml deprecation warnings into DebugBar (if installed)
      • Updated Google Fonts (as of 21 August 2018)
      • Added option to Menu particle to force target="_self" attribute on (#2273, thanks @thexmanxyz)
      • Fixed JS loading issues with Content Tabs and Owl Carousel particles
      • Fixed style and script attributes handled as array (#2191, thanks @Chrissi2812)
      • Fixed exception when using |markdown filter with images (#2350)
      • Allow {% scripts %}, {% styles %} and {% assets %} outside of the block content (#2217)
  2. Joomla
      • Optionally use content.prepare in contentarray (#2340, thanks @Chrissi2812)
      • Hydrogen / Helium: System messages particle isn't AJAX compatible (#2294)
  3. WordPress
      • Added translations support for the engine (nucleus)
      • Fixed broken language strings when using official WP translations (#2329)
  4. Grav
      • Fixed child menu items not appearing (#2327)
      • Fixed active menu issue in multilang environment (#2315)


version 5.4.26 - novembre 9th 2018

Few fixes.

Complete Changelog 

  1. Common
      • Fixed regression Class 'Gantry\Component\Twig\TwigNodePageblock' not found
  2. WordPress
      • Updated Timber to v1.8.1


version 5.4.27  (december 14th 2018)

Few fixes

Update Lightcase version to verson latest version (@version 2.5.0 (11/03/2018))

Addition In Template Hélium or pro of a Section Variation field for Layout sections.

Outine management / Layout / Section administration - 6 values

gantry5 section variation

  • section-horizontal-paddings (Padding left/right 10%)
  • section-horizontal-paddings-small  (Padding left/right 5%)
  • section-horizontal-paddings-large  (Padding left/right 15%)
  • section-vertical-paddings (Padding top/bottom 4vw)
  • section-vertical-paddings-small (Padding top/bottom 2vw)
  • section-vertical-paddings-large (Padding top/bottom 6vw)

Not found in template Hydrognen

Joomla Focus: official Joomla 3.9 support

Complete Changelog 

  1. Common
      • Added Section Variation field for Layout sections.
      • Updated Lightcase version.
      • Fixed fatal error on PHP 5.4 (#2378)
      • Fixed Folder::doDelete($folder, false) removing symlink when it should not (#2396)
      • Fixed Assignment Knobs Escaping Containers - Google Chrome bug (#2412)
  2. Joomla
      • Added official Joomla 3.9 support
  3. Grav
      • Added styling for disabled input fields in admin
  4. WordPress
      • Updated Timber to v1.8.3


version 5.4.28 (March 11th 2019)

Joomla focus:

Particle "Joomla articles" (contentarray) : New option Display "edit link". Show a link to edit article above the article header when logged with usual right.

Complete Changelog  


  1. Common
      • Added webp to supported image types for image picker (#2450)
      • Logo particle: Added logo image max height (#2424)
      • Social particle: Improved link target handling (#2214)
      • Helium Copyright particle: fixed missing link (#2214)
      • Fixed mkdir(...) race condition
      • Fixed Obtaining write lock failed on file... error
      • Fixed caching and CSS generation not working if underlaying filesystem does not support file locking or it is disabled
      • Fixed rare file corruption issue
  2. Joomla
  3. WordPress
      • Updated Timber to v1.9.1
      • Fixed potential query conflicts in WordPress Posts particle
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