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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
Website Isatelier - Cooking and Pastry Classes in Essonne is the latest website by En Toutes Lettres dedicated to the management of Cooking and Pastry Courses.. Scalable responsive website developed with the Joomla CMS and a template under Gantry 5 Framework (free RocketTheme Hydrogen template).

Site security is provided by a backup component, Akeeba backup, and php optimization and security software, Aesecure.

Joomla latest basic version (3.9.15 at launch 3.9.20 today)

Addded Components and plugins:


  • Google Structured Data - Data management tool structured according to Google. A test - This can only help - To be continued!
  • OSMap Free - Website map management
  • OS gallery
  • Easy Frontend SEO - Meta data management
  • JCE Editor
  • AcyMailing - v6 - Newsletter management
  • Event Booking - Joomla Events Registration - eCommerce
  • Dictionnary


  • System - Regular Labs - Components Anywhere - Free - To insert a "menus" item in the Workshop event
  • JooAg Shariff - Management of Social Media buttons for articles
  • System - Socialmeta - Management of head tags for text and Image Social networks (Facebook, Twitter) by creating metas for Open Graph.
  • System - TJ Minify HTML
  • System - Kill dupplicate
  • CacheControl
  • System - JMB Copy Letters - Copy of contact form messages into Joomla article

Tips and tricks for "Workshop" Event Management

  1. I manage the text of the Event via the Article Component of Joomla - extensive use of the Article Fields
  2. I manage the Workshop event (Title, Images, agenda, price) with the Event Booking component.
  3. I connect the 2 via Components "Anywhere" which inserts the article in my Event. The article is also linked to the Event Booking component via an overide of Joomla links.
  4. In the end I have my events, Event Booking., And a list of "menu" items that I can manage as a library with tags, both of which are indexed by search engines.

Regarding the Hydrogen template under Gantry 5 - Which looks like Gantry addicts to the Salient template from RocketTheme

2 new Atoms: FixedHeader and Cooki Consent Neo

8 new Particles

  • Animated Block - Home page block managementisatelier custom hydrogen
  • ETL Grille images (FR)
  • Promo Content - Development dedicated for two-color Text banners (green and Orange)
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Contact
  • Crowdsignal (Old Polldaddy) Voting - Ready but not used - Creating surveys and polls
  • Accordion
  • Latest news

The template itself is customized in my own way - New Outline and dedicated Custom.scss

The site is hosted by o2switch

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En Toutes Lettres is a french company but have no border. We are always present for additional information :

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