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Website Centre Sainte Thérèse, Guyane

New website En Toutes Lettres of Centre Sainte Thérèse of Cayenne: Showcase website, informations and management of events.

Scalable responsive website developed with the Joomla CMS and a template under Gantry 5 Framework (free JoomLead Vking template).

Site security is provided by a backup component, Akeeba backup, and php optimization and security software, Aesecure;

Joomla latest basic version (3.9.21 at launch).

Addded Components and plugins:

  • Google Structured Data - Data management tool structured according to Google.
  • OSMap Free - Website map management
  • OS gallery
  • JCE Editor
  • iCagenda - Joomla Events Registration


  • JooAg Shariff - Management of Social Media buttons for articles
  • System - Socialmeta - Management of head tags for text and Image Social networks (Facebook, Twitter) by creating metas for Open Graph.
  • System - TJ Minify HTML
  • JCE Editor

The community of the sisters wanted a clean site with menu management on the left. I chose the free Vking template from JoomLead (specializing in Gantry 5 template). that matches their expectations. Despite some weird things like handling Container widths which are not inherited from the base outline but must be handled via the default outline, I am still happy with its use.

The baby took a long time to come out (over a year), a specialty of En Toutes Lettres for long project management.

FYI, I always use aesecure for site security. Joomla aficionados know that the extension has setbacks due to its new owner (It is no longer downloadable). But according to its developer Christophe (cavo789) "aeSecure is PHP 7 compatible and has no known bugs. There is no reason for it to stop working in the next few years ... PHP 7 is supported until the end of 2021 and well beyond even as long as the hosts install it. aeSecure will work for many more years at a time. There is no contraindication to using it. " So as long as PHP 7 is in use why go without.
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En Toutes Lettres is a french company but have no border. We are always present for additional information :

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  (33) 6 29 16 98 38
En toutes lettres
4 rue Antoine Bréguet

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