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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
Gantry 5

Mise à jour pour Gantry 5.

Some improvements and bug fixes
Added AJAX support for particles. Helium/Hydrogen: added missing styling for disabled button state
For the 5.4.16 just a layout correction that I put back to the RT team

Version 5.4.15 changelog

Date : 08/15/2017

  1. Common
      • Added AJAX support for particles (#1376)
      • Added new twig filter |attribute_array to convert array of key => attribute into HTML
      • Helium/Hydrogen: added missing styling for disabled button state
      • Improved usability by changing order of Tabs in admin (#2061)
      • Fixed bug in nested collection.list on container.tabs (#1995)
      • Fixed no space between block attributes (#2074)
      • Helium: Fixed typo in preset 3 (#2077)
  2. Joomla
      • Joomla Articles particle won't display images alt tags (#2076)
      • Removed forced input heights set on 19px (#2063)
  3. Grav
      • Added cli command bin/plugin gantry5 child-theme which allows you to create a child theme
      • Added multi-language support for outline and position assignments (#1651, #2068)
      • Added outline and position assignments by Page Type

Version 5.4.16 changelog

Date : 08/16/2017

  1. Common
      • Regression: Fixed missing g-wrapper classes in the layout
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