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I have started English version of the blog august 2017, most of previous articles are in french, sorry
Google tag manager

Free translation of the spanish article from Hugo Avila (september 2nd 2017) : Google Tag Manager en Gantry5

Do you use the Google tracking tools on your websites? If you do not do so now, you are missing out on valuable statistics on the use and behavior of your page visitors. Needless to say the benefits you can get when analyzing the data and take measures to improve conversions, among other advantages.

Demo website Gantry 5 Hydrogen

After the site En Toutes Lettres, the Gantry 5 demonstration site, Hydrogen template, dedicated mainly to the particles developed by En Toutes Lettres, but also to variations around the Hydrogen template, made new skin.

For reasons of clarity and maintenance, the site is now managed only with the Hydrogen template, so the demonstrations of the other templates have been removed.

Template Kunena free - Simone de Joomforest

CAUTION: if you use the template Kunena Simone of Jomforest, you must install the 2 patches successive Kunena 5.0.9 and 5.0.10. !

Knowing that kunena is now in 5.0.11 !!

Download them on the Joomforest Forum

Gantry 5

Minor release for Gantry 5. jQuery conflict correction in Helium template.

Some improvements and bug fixes


If you have redirect your website from http to https (via an SSL certificate) and you use the free version of GmapFP,  your map no longer appears in your website (http / https conflict).

Dixit the forum of the author, it is necessary to use the version Pro, the free version not being compatible with https.

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